What we do

Maximum reliability

With an annual manufacturing capacity of more than 400 vehicles in addition to constructions for medical services operators, we are one of the pioneering heavyweights in our industry.

At Ilmenau, we design and deliver specialist vehicles which are used under extreme operating conditions. For this reason, ultimate safety is our absolute aim, and representative of our total commitment to operator, patient and passenger safety in all operational environments.

Our technologies offer maximum reliability, which we achieve by constantly re-examining our products after use, and also through partnership activities with the Technical University of Ilmenau. This enables us to develop innovative solutions for complex technical requirements that can be depended upon to perform – time and time again.

The leader in the field of special vehicle manufacturing

BINZ Ambulance und Umwelttechnik GmbH is one of the world’s leading companies in the special vehicle industry. We offer our customers innovative products and services of the highest quality in the field of rescue and mobility.

“Ambulance, Fire Brigade, Police or Military; we build cutting-edge specialist vehicles which are fit-for-purpose and offer long term value for operators.”

Our uniqueness and individuality in manufacturing make the difference, and these have been precursors to our success in Germany, in Europe and throughout the rest of the world where our specialist units are deployed.

On the pulse of rescue

With a completely new approach to ambulance and intensive care vehicle design, RESCUBE represents a great change in our industry. This ground-breaking development of a box-type van body focuses on the work of the rescue service – and not the vehicle. The name derives from rescue and cube and bridges between task and external form. Its innovative concept facilitates a higher quality of supply which allows a more effective patient treatment solution.

Single source concept – one supportive team

Many of our 100 employees have been in the business for years. They use their know-how, target-oriented work ethic and capacity for knowledge-sharing with junior staff and apprentices. We’re all about the sustainable development of our teams and the specialist knowledge we share with each other.

“Our understanding of customer needs in the field of rescue and mobility are actively maintained and consciously developed, always with a perfect end solution in mind.“

High-tech systems

As every interior construction is an individual production, we are able to consider every little detail, beginning with identifying the customer’s need and starting to develop the concept jointly, as is appropriate in a genuine partnership. With our high-tech planning software, computerized process management and combined team experience, we create solutions which meet exactly the wishes and operational needs of our customers.